Delicious Consumption Series

Salty/Sweet Cocaine Flavor Candy

Black Lung Labor Flavor Candy

Cast Resin Coal, carved wood,24 carat gold leaf


Our society and Particularly West Virginia, depends upon coal for energy. We rapidly consume it as if it were delicious candy.  We have been told that coal can be green or environmentally conscious but is this true? By juxtaposing the candy wrapper and the cast resin coal , massed produced, suggests to the viewer that we do consume coal at a rapid pace. Coal=Energy, Candy = Energy, and we desire more. However is it healthy food?  Are there alternatives?  Should we not seek alternative fuels to survive as a human race, or will greed consume us? Will we remain EVER-GREEN? What is the cost of addiction?  What is the cost in lives for the extraction of coal? I have not taken sides on this issue but pose questions visually to encourage the viewer to consider their own viewpoints on energy consumption.